Year: 2017

Three Ways to Give Thanks in a Year of Good Returns and Minimize Your Taxes

We have been fortunate to have another year of climbing stock prices, and been blessed with a solid performance in our portfolios. With this good fortune, we are also face with the uncertainty of the Republican tax plans currently before Congress, geopolitical risks, rising rates, and the maturity of the rising markets. The thoughts of […] Read More

Alex Vaccarella, CFP, one of our Financial Life Planners was quoted in the article “5 Reasons Why Roth Plans are More Popular with Millennials than Baby Boomers”

This article summarized the top five reasons the decision to choose a Roth IRAs or a Roth 401(k) is often age based and why Roth plans are more popular with Millennials .  Alex was quoted as saying: ““I think younger demographics are more familiar with Roth accounts and may be more likely to be in […] Read More

The State of Healthcare 2017

On October 25th 2017, AEPG Wealth Strategies was pleased to present in front of the NJCPA Society. Our discussion focused on The State of Healthcare in America. Healthcare reform has been a challenge throughout our history and we provided an examination of some of the health reform efforts that have taken place, shows the difficulty […] Read More

3 Ways Tax Reform May Affect College Savings

The long-awaited House tax reform plan, “The Tax Cut and Jobs Act”, was released in draft form last week and much has been written about changing individual tax brackets, corporate tax rates, federal estate taxes, tax on college endowments, among many other changes large and small. Comparatively little has been mentioned about the proposed effects […] Read More