Until recently, good pension governance was viewed as helpful – but optional. Today, if you are a retirement plan sponsor concerned about liability, you must demonstrate that you have a framework of controls governing your employee pension plan. Delaying this review can expose your corporation to unnecessary risk.

AEPG offers customized pension governance solutions for your corporation. We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the experience and knowledge to manage all aspects of plan governance and ensure that all fiduciary requirements are met.

As part of our comprehensive range of governance and retirement benefits services, we can:

  • Assume the role of fiduciary with responsibility for selecting and monitoring your plan’s fund lineup
  • Develop a sound strategy for your retirement plan in a dynamic regulatory and economic environment
  • Provide training to your staff (HR and the committee) to help avoid operational fiduciary breaches
  • Lead committee meetings at our NJ office or your corporate headquarters that include assistance with management of your investment fund menu, reviews of finance and accounting issues, compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and related laws and regulations, updates on the 401(k) marketplace, and discussions surrounding employee relations and recordkeeping
  • Troubleshoot and resolve day-to-day problems and questions
  • Oversee plan compliance with Treasury and Labor Department regulations
  • Audit annual coverage data
  • Assess your corporate retirement plan’s effectiveness
  • Ensure proper documentation of all fiduciary investment management functions