Employee Benefits Assessment

Complete all questions to see score below.

Compliance Yes No / Unsure Yes Points Points Earned
Are you compliant with the ERISA mandate to audit company benefits? 15
Does your employee benefits program comply with ACA, ERISA, ADEA and HIPAA? 15
Are SPD’s (Summary Plan description) complete and provided to employees timely according to law? 15
Do you have an employee handbook and has it been updated in the last 12-18 months? 10
Employer Sponsored Benefits
Have you surveyed employee satisfaction as it relates to benefits? 5
Do you take a holistic approach when setting your benefits budget? 10
Have you compared your costs vs. competitors within your industry? 5
Are you familiar with the concept of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)? 5
Have you examined whether an H.S.A., HRA or combo plan suits your workforce? 5
Have you ever considered self-funding or partial self-funding? 5
Voluntary Benefits
Does your company offer voluntary (employee elective) benefits? 5
Do you offer executive benefits for top performing employees? 5
Total all points earned from questions answered YES, then view below for recommended actions. TOTAL POINTS

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