Investment Management

When it comes to your investment management strategy, AEPG’s experienced wealth management professionals have two goals in mind: to serve your best interests and help you achieve your financial goals.

We take the time to understand you and your specific financial situation; assembling a team with expertise in every area that touches your investment management goals; and drawing on our extensive body of research to apply the right strategies and methods for you.

Portfolio Structure

We take a flexible approach to building a customized investment portfolio for you that will remain strong and secure over time – even as economic conditions and your personal circumstances change. Using high quality fixed income as your primary financial safety net, we are able to focus the growth assets in your portfolio on a core portfolio of low-cost equity investments designed to provide broad diversification for long-term growth; and an opportunistic portfolio that allows us to invest more tactically, to increase your risk-adjusted returns. We continually monitor, rebalance, and update your portfolio as our research indicates and as your needs change.

Tax Management

A key element of our investment management strategy is tax-efficient investing. Although taxes do not dictate our investment decisions, we construct your portfolio to ensure the best possible tax management efficiency. This may include:

  • Harvesting tax losses throughout the year
  • Locating tax-inefficient assets in retirement accounts whenever possible
  • Utilizing separate account managers (i.e., Model Manager strategies) to increase opportunities for tax harvesting

To assist with income tax preparation and other tax-related issues, the AEPG team can work directly with your CPA and other financial advisers when necessary.


Communications and Reporting

As an AEPG client, your concerns are always our highest priority. We are committed to providing you with the most current information, answering your questions as quickly and accurately as possible, and being available to you when you need us.

AEPG provides convenient, secure online reporting and account access available anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection – so you can check your accounts, access monthly reports, and receive timely, valuable information whenever you need it.

Total Family Wealth Management

No matter your goals, we can structure your customized portfolio to meet them, and ensure that you are positioned to weather the ups and downs of market cycles.

We provides expert practical advice on all areas of your family’s total wealth management picture, including:

  • Asset allocation – In determining the appropriate level of risk for your portfolio, we consider not only your risk tolerance but also the capacity of the portfolio to accept risk and the required level of risk to achieve your goals.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) – We can manage your IRA or assist in rolling over your 401(k) balance from a former employer.
  • 529 plans – AEPG can manage your 529 plans including plan selection, investment monitoring, making recommendations, and coordinating with your overall financial plan.
  • Defined contribution 401(k) plans – Our financial planning and asset management specialists can make recommendations and advise you on your company retirement plan in coordination with your overall financial plan and investment strategy.

Our robust and flexible team approach empowers us to consistently manage your portfolio over the long term with a constant focus on your wealth management goals.