Business Owners

When you are a small business owner it can be difficult to separate your business from your personal assets. When we work with you, we take a holistic approach to determine how best to leverage your business, personal tax, and wealth advantages.

Your business may be your largest asset. We will help you protect it by integrating your business and individual needs into your financial plan, utilizing all available tools and our extensive knowledge for every stage of your business life cycle.

Our Financial Planning Services for
Small Business Owners Include:

Business Succession Planning

We will work with you to develop a detailed succession plan that will enable you to someday sell or transfer ownership of your business to meet your goals and take care of your customers and employees.

Company Benefits

We apply our expertise to review your company’s benefits to make sure you are getting the most out of them. We will help you structure your benefits program within your budget to meet your objectives for attracting, retaining, and rewarding employees while achieving your personal and business goals.

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Retirement Planning

We analyze your situation in detail, model scenarios and run projections, and provide advice to help you envision your retirement and how it relates to a possible exit strategy for your business. We will also evaluate your options and ensure that your company retirement plans meet your personal and business objectives and goals.

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Goal Setting

We will work together looking across your business and personal situation to define and prioritize your goals by identifying what is most important to you and what you hope to accomplish.

Cash Flow Management

We will analyze your income and expenses and customize a budget that matches both your short term and long term goals.

Tax Strategies

We analyze your business and personal goals and situation; apply current tax law and discuss strategies to save you taxes.