Christopher Von Holland

Vice President, Retirement Solutions & Senior Portfolio Manager


America has a retirement preparedness crisis. It is my desire to help through improved plan design, participant education and attention to outcomes.

Chris oversees all aspects of AEPG’s retirement plan investment management, research, in-depth due diligence and review services. He is an expert in retirement plan fiduciary processes as they relate to investment option selection and monitoring. He helps plan sponsors structure investment menus and select investment options to manage risk and provide long-term wealth generating opportunities for their participants.  As a steward of their investments, he works to transform savers into investors to help them prepare for the future.  Chris focuses his efforts on cutting-edge institutional investment research and due diligence on best practices, looking to always stay on the forefront of qualified plan optimization, investment selection, participant behavior and fiduciary protection.  He firmly believes strong education and execution of well-designed investment strategies are the keys to helping his clients achieve a dignified retirement.

Since a young age, Chris has always been passionate about the financial markets and investment vehicles, wanting to know the relationships between investments and  returns.  Chris is a 3(21) and 3(38) expert and a Fiduciary for 401(k) and 403(b) Plan Sponsors, serving as an integral resource for C-suite executives, company administrators and plan participants.  While traveling the country, he has had first-hand experience educating thousands of participants, teaching them the nuances of wealth accumulation in their tax-deferred vehicles.

Prior to joining AEPG, Chris worked at Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group where he focused extensively on 401(k) and retirement plans, educating participants and serving plan sponsors, as well as a wealth management office in the Philadelphia area.  Chris is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds a B.S. in accounting from Cabrini University with a minor in international business and is working towards a Masters in the Science of Finance from Villanova.  An avid athlete, Chris was a sponsored martial artist and a competitive swimmer.  He enjoys sports, music and the outdoors, and is passionate about environmental issues.  He has a long-term goal of setting up a trust to provide funds for environmental preservation and rehabilitation.