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Finding Income Despite Low Intereste Rates

With interest rates so low, where can investors look for decent income?    Think Before Reaching for Yield.    Reaching for yield is the dominant activity of the day among investors. The 30-year decline in interest rates has been topped off by the Federal Reserve's explicit action to punish savers and push them to take more risk.   The most prudent thing to do right now might be to accept less income and take lower… Read More

Your Money, Safety and Health Matter$

High-income earners are being hit with new taxes this year, but they also have options to minimize the impact of the tax hikes.Couples earning $250,000 ($200,000 for singles) will be paying an extra 3.8% on investment income, known as the Medicare tax. Couples earning $450,000 ($400,000 for singles) face the new 39.6% tax bracket as well as a 20% tax on long-term capital gains and dividends. There are also phase-outs of exemptions and phase-downs of… Read More

Fundamental Financial Planning

Fundamental Financial Planning   Protecting what you have and your ability to earn.   Helping people preserve, protect and enhance what they work so hard for is part of a fundamental financial plan.  It requires a customized and uniquely developed plan that efficiently covers as many bases as possible, and to use a team approach that capitalizes on the talents and knowledge of the client's entire professional advisory team.   There simply is no financial… Read More

What Do I Do When I Can’t Take Care of Myself Anymore

Getting custodial care is not just about you! At some point in our lives we may be faced with the problem of no longer being able to do the daily activities of living that we do each day.  We will need some sort of extended or custodial care.   To better understand "extended" care, think of the activities that you performed when you woke up this morning. Read More