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Major Technological Changes Ahead

When you look at recent history, the changes in our daily lives have been breathtaking. Nine years ago, the iPhone hadn't been invented yet and so there were no mobile devices to keep people staring at their screens as they walk around in public. Facebook was a college phenomenon, there was no Twitter, and the cloud was that fluffy white thing passing by overhead. No apps, nobody was talking about self-driving cars, solar panels were… Read More

New Jersey Manufacturer’s Day

AEPG Wealth Strategies was among the Silver sponsors of the fourth annual New Jersey Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 2, 2015 hosted by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program and NJBiz. Read More

Municipal Bond Market Update – Puerto Rico Entering Bankruptcy

As we mentioned in our Municipal Bond Market Update article at the end of June entitled "Puerto Rico's Impending Bankruptcy" it appeared that it was only a matter of time before Puerto Rico would be unable to pay its debts and would have to file for bankruptcy protection. Over the past weekend the Puerto Rican government decided they would not make an upcoming payment to their bondholders, a move similar in nature to if you… Read More