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Fed Pause and Trade Optimism Boost Markets… Overbought or More to Come?

There has been a dramatic shift in the probability of further rate hikes by the Fed, and as we near the midpoint of February, the markets have behaved much like they did in the beginning of last year. Investor appetite for risk has increased and volatility has recessed, as higher returning sectors such as small cap stocks, emerging markets, and junk bonds have all resumed leadership versus their higher-quality counterparts. Read More

The Trade War Has Officially Begun

Looking towards the second half of 2018, one cannot ignore the growing fear that a global trade war could have the potential to dismantle the positive growth cycle which has presided over the past several years. While we continue to believe that the impact to the overall economy should be limited in the short run, the market is more forward-looking and has responded with higher volatility and a more cautious outlook on future growth. Read More