Alex Vaccarella, CFP, one of our Financial Life Planners was quoted in the article “5 Reasons Why Roth Plans are More Popular with Millennials than Baby Boomers”

This article summarized the top five reasons the decision to choose a Roth IRAs or a Roth 401(k) is often age based and why Roth plans are more popular with Millennials .  Alex was quoted as saying: ““I think younger demographics are more familiar with Roth accounts and may be more likely to be in a situation (lower relative income) where contributing to Roth accounts make sense. Generally, as you get older your income increases,… Read More

The State of Healthcare 2017

On October 25th 2017, AEPG Wealth Strategies was pleased to present in front of the NJCPA Society. Our discussion focused on The State of Healthcare in America. Healthcare reform has been a challenge throughout our history and we provided an examination of some of the health reform efforts that have taken place, shows the difficulty that healthcare reform has faced. 1901: Theodore Roosevelt felt that no nation could remain strong when it’s people are sick… Read More

3 Ways Tax Reform May Affect College Savings

The long-awaited House tax reform plan, “The Tax Cut and Jobs Act”, was released in draft form last week and much has been written about changing individual tax brackets, corporate tax rates, federal estate taxes, tax on college endowments, among many other changes large and small. Comparatively little has been mentioned about the proposed effects on college savings plans, a major source of tax-planning for families looking to better shoulder the enormous burden of higher… Read More

7 Traps to Avoid as a Fiduciary of a 401(k) Plan

A 401(k) Plan Fiduciary is someone who is managing the 401(k) Plan and its financial assets for its participants. Within a company, there is often more than one fiduciary.  If you are offering your employees a 401k plan or are involved in making plan decisions, then most likely you are a fiduciary, and if you are, you have certain responsibilities by law. Many 401(k) plan fiduciary issues crop up because plan sponsors fail to take… Read More

Can My Heirs Sell My Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets?

We have received numerous questions about the investment value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; for many, whether it fits into a prudent portfolio is only part of the question. Most people do not consider the unique challenges that come with owning this type of investment.  If you want to make a cryptocurrency part of your long-term portfolio, consider how your heirs will manage it if you pass away unexpectedly. To accomplish this, you need a… Read More

5 Changes to 401(k)’s in the Proposed Tax Bill

Bloomberg provided a good summary of five changes to 401(k) under the new House of Representatives Tax Bill, and how they could affect plan participants. Continuing Contributions Currently, plan participants who take a hardship withdrawal from a 401(k) plan can’t contribute again for six months. The bill would eliminate that restriction. Bigger Hardship Withdrawals Currently, plan participants cannot take hardship withdrawals on matching contributions from their employer or amounts that have appreciated through investments. The proposed change… Read More

Steven W. Kaye & Christopher Holland were quoted in the article “Crafting The Right Mix“ in Financial Advisor Magazine

AEPG is pleased that  Steven W. Kaye, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, CEBS, AAMS, AIF® and Christopher Holland, CFA were quoted in the article “Crafting The Right Mix" in Financial Advisor Magazine. It summarizes how both passive and active funds have a place in a 401k plan investment line-up. It is important to customize the line-up to fit the plan, it’s participants and the always changing market conditions. Read more here:   Read More

5 Things for Plan Sponsors to Check Before Year-End

As a Plan Sponsor providing a 401(k) plan for your employees, below are some year-end checklist items to consider as you prepare for the administration and operations of the plan for 2018: Take Inventory Check your plan documents file.  Ideally you should keep a copy of every plan document that was ever adopted for your plan.  Make sure that all of your amendments are properly signed, and that you’ve returned a signed copy to your… Read More

Top 10 Medical Identity Theft Prevention Tips

We share information on preventing Identity theft regularly.  With open enrollment coming up, we are providing  our Top 10 Medical Identity Theft Prevention Tips.  We believe these tips are good advice and would like to share them with you. Top 10 Medical Identity Theft Prevention Tips  Protect your health insurance card as carefully as you would your Social Security or credit cards. Theft of these cards allows someone to assume your identity to received care.… Read More