Retirement Planning

At AEPG, we understand that achieving a comfortable retirement is one of the most important objectives of your financial plan.

In the current challenging economic climate, we also know it’s never to early to start saving for it.

The days when retirees could count on the social security system or an employer-sponsored defined benefit plan may be gone forever—but we can help you develop the financial safety net you need for a secure retirement.

Your AEPG retirement planning team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS (CFP®s) and experts in all areas of wealth management, financial planning, investment management, and retirement planning, with the ability to draw on other expertise. By analyzing all aspects of your financial situation, we can develop a practical plan for building your retirement fund.

AEPG's Approach to Retirement Planning

  • Understand your goals for retirement and your vision of a successful, secure retirement.
  • Model and analyze your specific situation under various scenarios.
  • Provide practical, independent advice for achieving your retirement goals.
  • Help you understand the risks you may face, including longevity, market volatility, and inflation.
  • Establish sustainable withdrawal rates according to your plan. We identify which assets to draw from first (taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts, tax-free accounts).
  • Identify your optimal asset allocation and risk/reward ratio.
  • Evaluate your cash flow and sources of retirement income.

Retirement Income by Source

Source: Social Security Administration, Income of the Aged Chartbook, released April, 2016.